I’m a software engineer at Micro Focus and the mom of 3 young girls who love learning and games. I started writing educational games because of them! At their public elementary school, they have “Tech Tuesdays” where they play an online game every week for homework. At the time, most of the games required Flash and weren’t able to run on the iPad, so I saw an opportunity to expand my technical skill set and familiarize myself with new libraries by writing games that would run on HTML5 browsers. I thought it was important to target specific skills my daughters were developing at the time (e.g., patterns for a 3 year old, make 10 fact families for a kindergartener, etc.) by actively integrating math problem solving into play.

Encouraged by colleagues and friends, I decided to teach myself Objective-C and re-write Make 10 as an app so it could run even better on an iPhone. Getting artwork from Yancey Labat, the husband of one of my best buddies since middle school, was so awesome that I can’t imagine teaming up with anybody else.