Make 10 Plus

Make 10+

How fast and how often can you Make 10 by...


...tapping the tile that adds up to 10...

Earn points

...before the wall of tiles reaches the top?

Wee ones

Not yet ready for adding numbers? Start with dots and count them to Make 5. Start at Level 0 to enjoy a slower speed.


Already a champ at Make 10? Start at a faster level or try changing the sum to Make 20.

More settings

For an even bigger challenge, let the sum get randomly selected for you as you pass each level.

Kids of all ages and kids at heart

Everyone can enjoy some brain jogging. How fast can you make change for a dollar?

Time check

How about how many minutes until the hour?

Top scores

Who will set the top scores on your phone? Play to find out!

Behind Make 10+

I designed and developed Make 10 Plus.


Yancey Labat created the artwork for Make 10 Plus.

  • Yancey got his start at Marvel Comics and has illustrated many books for children, including the Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure series and a giant picture book called How Many Jelly Beans (Chronicle Books, 2012).
  • He grew up in Louisiana, Senegal, and Maryland and now lives in California with his wife and daughters.
  • Visit Yancey online at

Privacy Policy

Make 10 Plus complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act as there are no ads, no connecting to social media, no collecting or sharing of location or personal information of any kind, no website links, and no extras to purchase.