Multiplication Marbles


The marble shows the product.


Slide then select trapdoors that multiply to the marble.


Launch the marble or wait for the timer to launch for you.


A correct combination will release the trapdoors so the marble will pass through.


Collect marbles and at the end of each level or game...

Marble Jar

...see how many you've won!


Choose which fact families to practice, then play or practice at your own pace.

Behind Mult*Marbles

I designed and developed Mult*Marbles when it was time for one of my daughters to commit the multiplication fact families to memory. An educator, whom I didn’t know, sent me an email around that same time. She asked about a multiplication game since she and her husband, a high school math teacher, both have their students playing Make 10+ and really like it. Feeling great that my kids aren’t the only ones getting value out of my apps, I forged ahead.

It is available for free for its first year in the App Store, then it will be the minimum fee and available to educational institutions at a bulk discount rate.


Once again, I am so fortunate for artwork from the incredibly talented and ever easy going Yancey Labat.

Privacy Policy

Multiplication Marbles complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act as there are no ads, no connecting to social media, no collecting or sharing of location or personal information of any kind, no website links, and no extras to purchase.