See Note Hear Note

See Note now includes audio! You can hear the note you are trying to identify as well as the note that you press as your answer. This is a setting that can be turned off. Thank you, James Siegal, for…
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See Note settings choose clef

Thanks to some immediate enhancement requests from friends who are moms of aspiring musicians, See Note now allows you to choose treble clef only (thank you mom of french horn player), bass clef only (any trombone players out there?), alto…
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See Note available online

Note recognition is an important skill for students of many musical instruments or voice. This game makes note identification practice more fun with simple, engaging play. Custom emojis are in the works. Once those are integrated, See Note will be…
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Mult*Marbles v1.2

Thanks to feedback from some smart and savvy 9 and 10 year olds, Multiplication Marbles now shows correct answers if you miss a marble. Thank you, fellas! Version 1.2 is available for download in the App Store.

Mult*Marbles v1.1.1 released

Incorporating a valuable suggestion from my boss’ daughter who figured out how to play Multiplication Marbles more quickly than her dad, there are now instructions on how to play at the start of every game.