Online Educational Games

Piggy Banks

A game for kids who know the value of coins to practice adding, subtracting and breaking coin values. Also a nifty introduction to the concept of setting aside money to save, spend and give.

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Shape Equate

Arithmetic, algebra, polynomials -- kids can analyze, predict, add, subtract, multiply, divide, problem solve, devise multiple solutions to a single problem, and more!

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Sort Order Train

Practice alphabetizing or sorting numerically. This is also a fun way to introduce the concept of less than and greater than.

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Pattern Planets

Continue or create your own color pattern of 2 to 5 planets.

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See Note

Note identification practice. How many can you get right? This game is available online and is also available on the App Store. Visit the See Note page for more information.

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Educational games for kids

These free online games can be played on any modern browser including mobile devices.
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